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Stilton- and other books, bookcovers

Ads, folders and leaflets

Logos, business cards & company branding

Websites, banners and other items

Quality affordable professional DTP-job with a quick delivery?

This is really possible. And we'll deliver.

Design, layout, dtp

Every publication starts with an idea. Next is  development of text and style. Subsequently a layout has to be designed. A book, folder or brochure, or e.g. a comic strip are all very distinct and they deserve and need a different approach.


A basic design is to be created in combining text and image in an appealing way. Once a design is ready, a final layout will be made in combining original copy and pre-selected and pre-approved images.


The designwork, making the layout and desktop publishing (DTP) often overlap eachother. In the final DTP work the emphasis mostly is on finalizing the production and preparing it for press. Making it pressready, so to speak. This procedure is also known as Prepress. This procedure ensures the job will be completely ready so the printer can make his final preparations to print the publication.


Prepress is a specific specialism. We will put all our knowledge and experience at your disposal. For more information and to see some examples please take a look at our portfolio.